Lucas Pichot


Hello, and welcome to my personal website. My name is Lucas, and I'm glad you stopped by. This site is a space where I share my passions, experiences, and insights. Here, you will most likely find answers to questions you have never asked yourself, or maybe memes that are completely unrelatable, and even all my projects, which will probably leave you feeling like a mixture of the previous two. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit and come back soon in case I've done a thing.

Where to?

Here are some suggestions at the kind of information you can find here:

A video

During my exams in January 2023, I developped one of those artistic obsessions that I get every once in a while. This time, it was with digital camcorder videos. Like those bad-quality ones about some guy's summer holidays. It was actually really complicated to understand exactly everything that went into using one of those cameras in this day and age, and even more complicated to find working parts, but I tell you all about that here. For now, you can watch this experimental video from my YouTube Channel.